Sleipnir has been launched!

We had a great day yesterday at Mission Bay in San Diego, with about 80 people in attendance, plus the San Diego Union Tribune (article attached below) and KPBS and CBS TV with reporters filming the event!

We were able to take about 20 people out for brief rowing tours, but were not ready to sail, which we will do soon.

For me it has been quite a change from “I’m building a Viking Ship” to “I’ve built a Viking Ship” and now making her ready to go out and explore the local waters! It hasn’t all sunk in yet, but at least we know she floats and people enjoyed seeing her and going out rowing!

I hope to get the videos from the TV stations soon, and will post them here.

There have been a number of new subscribers! Welcome to you all, and please let your friends know about it, as now we’ll be preparing to take groups out for sailing and rowing excursions on San Diego Bay. I’ll put up a post about that soon, after we have had her out a few times to check out how she sails and make any adjustments to her rig. I have every confidence that she will be an excellent sailor and great fun to go out on!

Thanks again to all of you how follow this adventure! It is amazing to me that so many are not only interested but enthusiastic about what I have done… wow! Never in a million years would I have expected that level of interest!

Tom (I guess I can really call myself Captain Tom?)))))

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