It’s official! We’re launching Sleipnir March 12!

Yes! In two weeks we’ll have Sleipnir meet her element, finally, after 3 years of toil and struggle, and also a lot of fun and satisfaction.

The event will be at 11am (Daylight Savings Time, remember!) at the De Anza Cove Launching Ramp in Mission Bay.

If you are coming on the i5, take the Claremont Drive exit West, then turn right on Mission Bay Drive. The launching ramp is a short distance from there.

We hope for a nice, clear, calm sunny morning for the event, and hope the Gods will favor us with a safe and happy launch!

We will take small groups (max 8) aboard for short rowing excursions, weather and all else permitting.

Thank you for your interest and support for our ship! I look forward to seeing you there!

Hej och skål!


3 thoughts on “It’s official! We’re launching Sleipnir March 12!

  1. Hurray! We will be there, hopefully with at least two grandkids and maybe four if we can get their sports schedules coordinated.


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