Hoist up the Sleip-nir sails… see how the mainsail sets… call the Vikings ashore and let’s go and sail!….

Wish apologies to The Beach Boys…. We had a great day at the shipyard, finally putting up the sail! There was a tiny breeze, enough to make it look like she was breathing… I keep saying it, but there are only a few things left so I’m confident we’ll be in the water soon, raidingContinue reading “Hoist up the Sleip-nir sails… see how the mainsail sets… call the Vikings ashore and let’s go and sail!….”

Launch date set for Sleipnir! After 3 years’ work we’re finally ready to join Sleipnir with her element! We’ll be at the Mission Bay Launch Ramp, on December 4th (yes 2022!) at 11 am. That’s off the 5 at Clairemont Boulevard. I look forward to seeing you there! Media will be in attendance, so thereContinue reading

Making oars for Sleipnir!

We’re getting close to finishing! This video shows the hull after we cleaned the planks with acid (!!) and neutralized with ammonia… That treatment got rid of the blotchy weathering that built up over time, and needed to be cleaned before we could varnish. We chose chemical treatment over sanding because it’s very difficult toContinue reading “Making oars for Sleipnir!”

Sleipnir will be at the Vista Viking Festival!

The Sons Of Norway have invited Sleipnir to participate in the Vista Viking Festival on September 17th and 18th! We are proud to bring Sleipnir back to where she was born! The festival is a yearly tradition at Norway Hall (except for the last 2 years due to Covid!) where up to 10, 000 peopleContinue reading “Sleipnir will be at the Vista Viking Festival!”

We’re in the news (yeah, again…..)))

Out local PBS channel (for those who don’t know, PBS is the Public Broadcasting Service in the US) sent a reporter out to do an interview with us and the ship, and a few days ago aired the video on the Evening Edition. I really liked what they did, as they included outside footage thatContinue reading “We’re in the news (yeah, again…..)))”