Welcome to Sleipnir Viking Ship!

We are honored that you have come to our “shipyard” and hope you will enjoy your stay here, and also tell us what you think about what we are doing.

Latest from the Building of the Ship

The mast is UP!!!

We finally got the rigging set up for the mast and up it came! In the pictures you can see the post attached to the bottom of the mast with a hinge so it can be removed: its purpose is to provide leverage for the line from the top of the mast (the forestay actually)Continue reading “The mast is UP!!!”

Launching postponed… ((((

With regret, we have to delay our big day to after the holidays, sometime in January. Basically, we’re just not ready! We’re still working on the rigging and also need to fix the trailer so it will reliably carry her around. I’ll post again when we know for sure what the date is. It willContinue reading “Launching postponed… ((((“

Launch date set for Sleipnir! After 3 years’ work we’re finally ready to join Sleipnir with her element! We’ll be at the Mission Bay Launch Ramp, on December 4th (yes 2022!) at 11 am. That’s off the 5 at Clairemont Boulevard. I look forward to seeing you there! Media will be in attendance, so thereContinue reading

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