Welcome to Sleipnir Viking Ship!

We are honored that you have come to our “shipyard” and hope you will enjoy your stay here, and also tell us what you think about what we are doing.

Latest from the Building of the Ship

Fully-rigged mast is up!

Today we put up the mast with all the rigging on it, and I’m very happy with how she looks fully-dressed! We’re going to put hoist the sail on Thursday and “see how the mainsail sets” as the song goes… It’s so tempting to think we’re close to finishing! There’s still some stuff to do…

Merry Christmas!

Well, as Robbie Burns said “the best laid plans of mice and men go oft a-glay!” Which is to say we are again delayed, and we can’t get Sleipnir finished before Christmas, and since my wife is going over to France to visit her son, so we’ll wait till after she comes back in late…

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