SLEIPNIR LAUNCHING VIDEOS and NEWSPAPER ARTICLE! We had a great time on Sunday March 12th, with not only a crowd of enthusiastic supporters but also CBS San Diego TV, KPBS TV and the Union Tribune Newspaper on hand to document the event! The weather Gods co-operated by holding up the rain, by request… Here youContinue reading

WE LAUNCHED SLEIPNIR! On Sunday, March 12, we launched Sleipnir with a crowd of about 80 people attending, some dressed in full Viking attire! KPBS, CBS-8 and the San Diego Union Tribune Newspaper were there to report on the event. It was a complete success, with a speech by Britta Armstrong, Consul Emeritus of Sweden,Continue reading

Sleipnir has been launched! We had a great day yesterday at Mission Bay in San Diego, with about 80 people in attendance, plus the San Diego Union Tribune (article attached below) and KPBS and CBS TV with reporters filming the event! We were able to take about 20 people out for brief rowing tours, butContinue reading

It’s official! We’re launching Sleipnir March 12!

Yes! In two weeks we’ll have Sleipnir meet her element, finally, after 3 years of toil and struggle, and also a lot of fun and satisfaction. The event will be at 11am (Daylight Savings Time, remember!) at the De Anza Cove Launching Ramp in Mission Bay. If you are coming on the i5, take theContinue reading “It’s official! We’re launching Sleipnir March 12!”

Hoist up the Sleip-nir sails… see how the mainsail sets… call the Vikings ashore and let’s go and sail!….

Wish apologies to The Beach Boys…. We had a great day at the shipyard, finally putting up the sail! There was a tiny breeze, enough to make it look like she was breathing… I keep saying it, but there are only a few things left so I’m confident we’ll be in the water soon, raidingContinue reading “Hoist up the Sleip-nir sails… see how the mainsail sets… call the Vikings ashore and let’s go and sail!….”

Launch date set for Sleipnir! After 3 years’ work we’re finally ready to join Sleipnir with her element! We’ll be at the Mission Bay Launch Ramp, on December 4th (yes 2022!) at 11 am. That’s off the 5 at Clairemont Boulevard. I look forward to seeing you there! Media will be in attendance, so thereContinue reading