Thank you!

Since we launched our website a few days ago, the San Diego Union Tribune has published an article about Sleipnir, and numerous people have now subscribed! I have been working on my own, with help from my good friend Ivar, for over two years, and it is gratifying to find so many people are not only interested in what I’m doing but also support me and want to help. I am working on adding videos and photos to the website, with the intent of showing visitors more details of how the project has progressed. We are getting close to completing Sleipnir, and look forward to seeing her launched! I will keep you informed on all major events so you can participate.

Please feel free to ask questions, and I will do my best to respond as soon as I can.

Thanks again!


Who am I?

I have been a sailor for most of my life, always messing about in boats, built some both small and big, raced and cruised in both my own and on charters. I have a passion for sailing, and water is truly my element. My heritage is Swedish and I have always thought the Vikings were part of my ancestry. Their curiosity and spirit of exploration, and their ingenuity in ship building, navigation and trading have always inspired me.

Sailing in So Cal in my home built canvas hulled boat

A labour of love or …?

The Sleipnir project was a long time in the making. I wanted to build it several years ago but my wife put her foot down when I wanted to take over our backyard for it. For one thing if I had gone ahead and completed it there, a huge crane would have been needed to move it …

But I did not abandon my dream …

  • Guess I was a little boy who wanted to show I could achieve what the big boys did, the Vikings 🙂
  • Guess I am a bit of a pigheaded Viking, too; of course I can build a viking ship!

So I kept on making plans, and finding that I thought I had it all down pat.

  • It all comes back to bite you when you get in that train of thought …