Fully-rigged mast is up!

Today we put up the mast with all the rigging on it, and I’m very happy with how she looks fully-dressed! We’re going to put hoist the sail on Thursday and “see how the mainsail sets” as the song goes… It’s so tempting to think we’re close to finishing!

There’s still some stuff to do but we’ve tentatively set the launching date for March 12, Sunday, at Mission Bay launching ramp in San Diego, at 11am! You who are interested in being there please mark your calendars but please wait for the confirmation, which will be in a couple of weeks…!

Thanks again for following our project!


3 thoughts on “Fully-rigged mast is up!

  1. Tom, I’m so happy for you but I’m so disappointed I was really looking forward to this. I’ll be out of the country. Hope it all goes great! Will you be having another sail?

    Tricia R Mendoza



    1. Oh, so sorry you’ll miss the big day! Don’t despair, however, cuz we’ll be sailing in SD Harbor, and I’ll post opportunities for people to come aboard on the website! Cheers!


  2. Wonderful looking craft of fine lines and diligent craftsmanship !!! … like a time traveler from 854 Norway !!!


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