Merry Christmas!

Well, as Robbie Burns said “the best laid plans of mice and men go oft a-glay!”

Which is to say we are again delayed, and we can’t get Sleipnir finished before Christmas, and since my wife is going over to France to visit her son, so we’ll wait till after she comes back in late January, by which time we’ll have all the bits done and we can have a proper launch in Mission Bay, complete with mast, sail, oars, the whole thing!

It is now 3 years since I started building her, thinking it would take, what, a year, 18 months???? I did get derailed for a few months to build my sweet little Chaconne 15′ sailing dinghy. Covid didn’t really impinge much, as I kept working all through that (are we done with it yet? Seems we’re not…) as I was working on my own until Ivar joined in, so we didn’t have concerns about germs.

I hope all of you who follow my project are well and have a lovely Christmas, and we look forward to starting the next phase soon!

Take care, and as we say in Sweden, Hej Då (See ya later!)


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Best wishes and full speed ahead! Everything comes in it’s own time…thank you for giving this fledgling Viking ship builder true incentive and inspiration…R, Danny & Sherry Hansen…


  2. Send pictures ( or video ) of Sleipnir to Wooden Boat magazine !!! … I’m positively sure they’d publish such a wonderful example of art & craftsmanship !!! … btw , they published my Ayla that I built in 2021 !!! … who would have thought my 6% Swedish Viking heritage would be defining in retirement building boats too !!!


    1. Hey Robert! Thanks for the suggestion! I will write to WB and see what they say! I used to subscribe to it and do go to their Forum often for information about techniques. I’d love to see your Ayla (what does the name mean??) if you’d like to send me pictures at 6% Swedish counts as heritage ))))! Gott Nytt År! Tom


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