We’re on CBS San Diego News tomorrow, Wednesday June 1!

CBS Channel 8 in San Diego is airing the piece they did on the ship last week! It will be on the Zevely Zone at 6:40PM tomorrow (Wednesday, June 1). It was a fun interview with lots of video of work on the ship.

If you don’t live in San Diego, no worries: I will be downloading the video and posting it here so you can see it at your leisure!

KPBS said their piece will air on the Evening News program soon, and I will let you know when that will be.

Meantime, lots of work is going on, as I’m working on the decks, tidying up the hull and making sure it’s watertight, and working on rigging details such as cleats and deadeyes…

All the best and ‘bye for now!


2 thoughts on “We’re on CBS San Diego News tomorrow, Wednesday June 1!

  1. Look forward to viewing video tomorrow! I would also like to be added to your email list so I can keep up with your progress in getting the viking boat ready for launching.


    1. If you click on the FOLLOW button at the bottom right of each web page you will be asked for your email address and will automatically be notified when new posts are added.
      Thanks again,


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