Thanks and acknowledgments!

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the people who have helped and supported me in my voyage…

First, my wife and my family have stood behind me and cheered me on, something that I really appreciate because without their support, the project would have been impossible. In particular, my team leader, my wife Pia, who is the love of my life, was the one who put this website together. She’s a wiz at all things to do with computers… tack!

The Sons Of Norway in Vista, who so generously offered me space to start my project, and have continued to support me! I could not have done it without you!…. takk!

Ivar Schoenmeyr has helped me build the ship, in more ways than I can name: not only did he do the majority of the rivets, but he has also advised me on many aspects, and been there when I was in doubt about even finishing the project. An engineer, his eye for precision and his analytical mind have been invaluable… tack!

Ray Reifel is an indefatigable force of nature! He has lent me a huge amount of tools, especially clamps (can’t have enough clamps!) and a surface planer, both of which have been essential during construction. He has frequently brought his good cheer and broad laugh to the shipyard, lifting our spirits… tack!

I have been honored to have frequent visits from Njal Undheim and his wife Diane, who sadly passed away recently. Njal has always been positive and supportive to me, which I have appreciated very much. AND of course, the avocados!…. tack!

My principal suppliers of materials are J&W Lumber of Escondido and Vista, who provided me with the lovely Port Orford Cedar which has been such a wonderful wood to build my ship. That wood is very rare, and to find it in our area in the first place was a huge boon, and the fact that it was of such good quality (clear, straight and beautiful) was a bonus, to say nothing of the price I was offered… that was in 2020, and I was So Lucky to purchase almost enough to finish the project!…. tack!

San Marcos Hardwoods provided the white oak that went into the keel and other parts of the ship where toughness is necessary. Again, to find such quality materials locally, in the right sizes and quantities, at excellent prices, was another excellent surprise. If I tried to purchase those materials now I would certainly pay about 5 times what they cost just 2 years ago… tack!

RW Rope provided me with a very generous discount on a whole spool of rope I need for the ship! Their Hempex looks very traditional, but is durable and tough. I will use it for all the standing (mast stays) and running (lines that control the sail) rigging on the ship…. tack!

Bob and Jenny P (I hesitate to name them because they are private people and I don’t want to “leak” the location of the shipyard) have been unbelievably generous in providing me the space to build the ship, and are unfailingly friendly and supportive when they visit, as are their children. When they told me they wanted me to build the ship on their property, they said it was a gift to me, to help me in my quest. So generous!…. tack!

There are so many more, including Pam Kragen and Charlie Neuman of the San Diego Union Tribune who wrote the article about the project, Alexander Nguyen for KPBS who interviewed Ivar and me and is producing a piece which will air on their Evening Edition (date not yet determined, but I will let you know in another post), and last but by no means least, all the people I have met only online through Next Door and this website, who have been invariably supportive and encouraging: I cannot express what a good feeling it is to know there are many people who are following my project from a distance, but letting me know from time to time that they are there, and are waiting to see the project completed! Tack!

2 thoughts on “Thanks and acknowledgments!

  1. This is all so exciting, and I am very happy for you in your fun endeavors!
    My heritage is Swedish, also. Family visit from there often, so maybe we can come see you and your progress sometime. I will be thrilled for you when you get to achieve your goal of sailing in the Stockholm Bay…let’s just pray that it doesn’t end up like the Vasa. 😆


    1. Tack sa mycket! Wasa! fervently hoping for a better result… If you Follow the website (click on the bottom right of each web page) you will get notifications of all events, including launching and raids… I also post on Next Door in San Marcos. In case you didn’t know, CBS Channel 8 has a video of an interview they did recently, and it will air tonight (Wednesday the 1st) at 6:40pm, under the Zevely Zone. It’s rather fun and well-produced…
      Thanks again,


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