Who am I?

I have been a sailor for most of my life, always messing about in boats, built some both small and big, raced and cruised in both my own and on charters. I have a passion for sailing, and water is truly my element. My heritage is Swedish and I have always thought the Vikings were part of my ancestry. Their curiosity and spirit of exploration, and their ingenuity in ship building, navigation and trading have always inspired me.

Sailing in So Cal in my home built canvas hulled boat

2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I am 50% Norwegian and went to the University of Uppsala to learn the language so I could converse in Norwegian with my Dad. I built my first boat with my grandfather ( 18’ motor boat) at 8-10 years old and spent my life on boats. My wife and I bareboat sailed 11-12 years in the Caribbean. I can’t work on any boats due to my neuropathy now but love Your project. I would like to stop and see it someday before testing and the witness the testing.
    Mitt namn ar Chas Wick I live in Carlsbad. Lycka till.


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